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Register to Purchase Reduced-Price Fares at MARC Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)

You must provide a valid MTA Disability ID number or send an image of a valid Senior, Disability, or Student Advantage ID to participate in the reduced fare program on the ticket vending machines. If you do not have an MTA Disability ID number you will be prompted to upload an image of your Senior, Disability, or Student Advantage ID after completing this form, or you may send it by email or text message. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours to process your application once we have received and verified your ID.

The following ID types are accepted for the reduced fare program:

  • MTA Senior Photo ID (no longer issued)
  • Government issued photo ID or passport showing age 65 or higher
  • MTA Disability photo ID card
  • Disability ID from another transit agency and government-issued photo ID
  • Medicare card and government-issued photo ID
  • Student discount is only available with the Student Advantage® Card. Visit for information.

NOTE: We have been informed (as of September 2023) that Student Advantage is experiencing severe delays processing membership requests. Our customers are encouraged to contact Student Advantage via phone (800-333-2920) or email ( for membership status.

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