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DC Circulator service changes June 24

Changes include discontinuing the DC Circulator-exclusive paper fare passes. Paper pass holders can redeem their passes until September 30, 2018. Read more...
June 7, 2018, DC Circulator

Cost of Step-Up tickets will increase for VRE riders July 1

Effective July 1, 2018, Amtrak has increased the cost to VRE of Step-Up tickets by $1. The price of an Amtrak Step-Up ticket will increase from $7 to $8 for VRE riders. Read more...
June 1, 2018, VRE

Metro option will no longer be available to MARC, VRE riders starting July 1

Beginning July 1, MARC and VRE customers will need to use a SmarTrip card to pay for their travel on Metro, including during MARC and VRE service disruptions. Read more...
June 4, 2018, MDOT MTA