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Use Your Transit Benefits On

If your employer provides transit benefits through SmartBenefits or an employer-sponsored debit or credit card, you can use them on to pay for all or part of your orders.


A or Commuter Store SmartBenefits Personal Account allows you to use employer-provided SmartBenefits to purchase the transit tickets and passes you need for your commute on transit systems that don't accept SmarTrip cards (VRE and MARC Commuter Rail, and MTA Commuter Bus). You will be able to purchase your tickets and passes on or at any Commuter Store or Mobile Commuter Store location.

Before you sign up, you must be registered by your employer in Metro's SmartBenefits program. Talk to your employer to find out if you are registered. If you are, your benefits will be assigned to a particular SmarTrip card number. You will need that card number to sign up for a or Commuter Store SmartBenefits Account.

Employer-Sponsored Debit and Credit Cards

Employer-sponsored debit and credit cards make it easier, faster and more convenient for employees to take advantage of pre-tax transit benefits offered through their employer. If you have a personal credit card on file and are enrolled in an authorized employer debit or credit card program, you can pay for all or part of your orders with your employer debit or credit card. Talk to your human resources department to find out if your employer offers a debit or credit card program for distribution of transit benefits.