Sign Up for a SmartBenefits Personal Account

A or Commuter Store SmartBenefits Personal Account allows you to use employer-provided SmartBenefits to purchase the transit tickets and passes you need for your commute on transit systems that don't accept SmarTrip cards (VRE and MARC Commuter Rail, and MTA Commuter Bus). You will be able to purchase your tickets and passes on or at any Commuter Store or Mobile Commuter Store location.

Before you sign up, you must be registered by your employer in Metro’s SmartBenefits program.

Talk to your employer to find out if you are registered. If you are, your benefits will be assigned to a particular SmarTrip card number. You will need that card number to sign up for a or Commuter Store SmartBenefits Account.

How Does It Work? Once you are signed up, your employer-provided transit benefits will automatically be placed in your or Commuter Store SmartBenefits Account each month. You can use the funds in your account to purchase tickets and passes for your commute. You will have the option to allot some of your benefits to your account, and download the rest to your SmarTrip® card.

How Do I Sign Up? On the next few pages, we will ask you for the information needed to set up a SmartBenefits Personal Account. You will be able to assign your SmartBenefits to either or the Commuter Stores. If you already have a account, you will be able to assign your SmartBenefits to it. If not, you will be able to create a new account. Select one of the options below to get started.


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