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Seniors, Persons With Disabilities, and Students: Establishing Eligibility for Discounts

Some transit systems offer discounted fare products for seniors (65+), persons with disabilities, or students. These items will appear in gray in the list of products, and you will not be able to order them, unless two conditions are met: 1) You must be logged in to your account. 2) You must have contacted to establish your eligibility to receive the appropriate discount. account holders may register an ID online to establish eligibility for reduced fares. From any page in the site click on the "Manage Account" link and select "Register a Reduced Fare ID" under "Account Settings." From this screen you will be able to upload a Senior, Student, or Disability ID. Uploaded files must be in JPG, PNG, or PDF format and no larger than 4 MB. Your request will be reviewed by staff, who may contact you for further information to establish your eligibility.

For more information, call at 703-228-RIDE (703-228-7433).

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